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MySQL UNIX socket authentication

It's not currently a default feature, but since MySQL 5.5.10 you can easily enable UNIX socket authentication.

Add the following to your MySQL config file:


Restart MySQL, then you'll be able to use IDENTIFIED WITH auth_socket as a replacement for IDENTIFIED ...

DigitalOcean Debian kernel

DigitalOcean offers some fantastic KVM powered virtual machines for low prices, however the technical decisions they've made in various places leaves something to be desired.

One of the problems which you may face at some point is that you're stuck with whatever kernel they provide, you can't ...

Hello Pelican!

After nearly 5 years of using Wordpress to power this blog, I've finally switched to an alternative - Pelican, a Python powered static site generator.

Why the switch? Maintaining a Wordpress site is annoying in the long term. Upgrades are needed on a regular basis for security patches, which is ...

Android fragmentation must be addressed

According to the Platform Version statistics at the Android developer site, 37% of devices are running 1.5, 29% are on 1.6, with 32% running 2.1 - the latest version. Android 2.1 has been available since January 2010, however the number of users on older phones is shockingly ...

Sockets with JavaScript

We've seen a great push towards using JavaScript in modern websites, using AJAX and JSON for dynamic websites which start to feel more like applications instead of plain boring pages. One of the problems which more interactive sites face is the constant polling of the web server due to ...

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